the first day of the myanmar water festival…shucks…
I go out with ricky orellana, joey and carlo and some other myanmar guys..one of the is chris..the rest I don't know…I try to record the scenes via digital video camera…I bring a plastic bag so that the camera won't get wet…one of the guys wears those
monster masks and amuses some of the children…
joey teaches at yangon international educational center
and it was his birthday last tuesday…there's food in his house right after this…thankfully…I'm so tired…a fire hose hits me right at the center of my goggles…good idea to bring the goggles….the fire hose hits our bodies like punches…naturally I feel like a punching bag…we retire at joey's place…before this we literally bump into kyawgi
as we try to u-turn in one of those congested places with a lot of pandals…a pandal is a structure where people stand and dance to music while they batter people with water using their water and fire hoses…
joey's friends arrive…it's virtual confederasyon party…they bring their partners with them…ironically it's kuya germs at gma7 on the
satellite tv…the guests leave and narrowly miss the spiel of the spokesman for ms. gay philippines…one of the guys (?) is from france and he is hongkong-chinese…he tells me that he makes it a point to come to myanmar every thingyan… I wonder why?


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