Still in Singapore!

mood : with a headache
music : instant party just add people mixed by
krafty kuts mixed mag compilation

im now in arjie's home in singapore
have a headache now so I asked him to buy some
panadol…might go swimming at river valley later
and then watch a movie with donita…

church today was wonderful…got to prophesy
over the 1st and 2nd year graduates of VLI
donita also graduated…she missed her flight
today because she left her key inside the house
too bad…but at least we get to watch a movie

bryan just came in…funny he was thinking of the
same thing! swim and then a movie…
went to some places i've never been in singapore
before like chijmes…it was nice…! got to go
to the new bar called imsomnia…i don't think
some of my friends here like it but they have two
filipino bands playing r & b and alternative…
louie, marianne and another girl went there so I
just checked it out.

krazy cuts mixes like crazy! i like his music!
it's cheaper to buy mixmag and play the cd…and
it's less than 15 sing…

dropped adrian at the airport today…second time
I'm in the airport today because I also dropped
rachel at 1 in the morning today and andrian at
about 3. i've been to the airport 4 times already!
the two other times was when I picked up carlo and
rick justus.

was at tinni's house yesterday…it was a cool
house…very relaxing! like a spa! also had
lunch with her today…. sayang…she couldn't
join us yesterday….she was feeling weird like
I am now!

I think I'll get some rest….

bye for now!


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