back from bago

just came back from Bago yesterday 🙂 after three years in Myanmar I've just went out of the city once and that was to go to Chaunda Beach in 2000. So yesterday was my second time – I hope there is more of this. I went with several students of my friend Jane who teaches English in Yangon. The students hired a mini-van and it was airconditioned! We ended up visiting several pagodas and had a picnic in a wildlife park that reminded me of a Burmese version of the Night Safari in Singapore. I brought my CD player so
that I could play CDs and it was working fine in the bus. When I tried to turn it on in the picnic grounds it wasn't functioning…I thought that something bad happened because of how hard the bus was bumping around on our way to the park. I found out later that my CD players was alright (yes!) and it was just that the batteries couldn't power it enough. Right after that the students invited us to visit our club since one of the ladies in our company had the resident DJ as her boyfriend. Met the bf and he was very personable in fact he could speak English very well. We were able to exchange DJ talk while we were eating at an
eating place beside the club. He mixes very well! He said he gets his CDs from thailand but he can only go out of the country every six months and his budget for CDs is just 300 USD every time he goes out. I offered to share the CDs that I have to him. He's interested in break beat/freestyle that they do in Indonesia. He mentioned he's not into hard house/progressive although his assstant DJs are! I also met Clement who is like a friend of one of the ladies who joined us. He's a Swiss national who works in a travel agency here and he also teaches modern dancing in a talent and modeling agency 🙂 The students really had fun as this was I think one of the few times that they went out together. Some of the guys almost had a fight with some other group but they apologized and they settled it immediately 🙂
That was last night 🙂 Today had an interview with the COO of an airline here. They need a computer/
system auditor and I need to submit a proposal by friday. I hope and pray I finish it by that day 🙂
Looks like a very good opportunity.
Some of the students I met : Phillip, Stanley, Chris, Gideon, Mike, Yi Lay, Wan, Lan, Yi and May
Highlight of the Night : Progressive Trance Set in Yangon! didn't think this woulde ever happen and
hearing Jungle music coming out of Clement's car 🙂 miracles happen every day!


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