kill those viruses!

today is a very troublesome day…i inadvertedly opended a BILL_GATES_PIECE.JPG.pif file when I know I know I know I shouldn't have opened it….!
also one of our singaporean recipients asked us that they couldn't open the attachment that we sent them…it turns out the virus is propagating itself…anyway it turns out that the virus might be polymorphic because when i tested it by sending several emails to myself it changed
the name of the PIF file to geocities_free_sites.TXT.pif ! whoever made this virus is one clever person…so i've been getting complaints most especially to one of my friend of mine who owns a yahoo group because when i tried to remedy my situation by putting in an entry named “!0000” to my address book and not putting in an email address the situation got worse because now although the computer would tell me that the computer is trying to send the PIF files to all the addresses in the address book, it also hangs the whole emailing process and therefore resets it without putting the sent emails in the SENT MAIL folder…in short the effect is that the outlook resets and emails from the start so my friends get 7-8 copies of the mail that we send! what a bummer!i hope that the situation will be okay in a few days!


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